Ableton Live 8

February 11th, 2012 Jonny Kaine Posted in Ableton Live No Comments »

I suppose I’m late to this one but I’ve recently purchased Ableton Live 8 and started to learn the program and I’m finding it pretty exciting.

I’ve been using a guide book called Producing Music with Ableton Live to learn the software and I highly recommend it.

When I first got Ableton Live last week I tried to just sort of figure it out on my own as I figured my long experience with other DAWS (REAPER is what I’ve been using over the last few years) would make it a cinch.

But this software is different enough that I really didn’t make that much progress going this route so I decided to get this guidebook and that was a great decision. Last night in two hours using this book I learned about 50 times more than what I did when I just messing around with it for two hours last week.

And the things I’ve been learning are very exciting. I can see why this program is so popular for what it’s meant for. For me electronic music is sort of a side interest but I want to keep my options open and I want to stay up to date with what’s possible.

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