Books On Songwriting

July 12th, 2009 Jonny Kaine Posted in Books, Songwriting 1 Comment »

Can you really learn how to write great songs by reading a book? Well I don’t know. But it seems to me that it’s a good idea to be open to learning new things if you want to improve your understanding of music.

And for this reason (and because of the excellent Amazon reviews) I decided to buy these two books on songwriting (which are both by Rikky Rooksby.)

Melody: How To Write Great Tunes

This book (as you can tell by the title) is focused writing melodies. I’ve just started reading it and I’m already finding it very interesting. Has it inspired me to write my very own “Yesterday” ? Well not quite yet. But I don’t expect miracles, just building blocks of knowledge that I can work with. It comes with a CD so you can hear examples of what you’re reading about. This is essential since music is, of course, a listening art.

How To Write Songs On Guitar

This book is focused on helping those of us who write songs on our guitar. While it doesn’t include a CD, it does give plenty of examples for what it’s talking about and if you have a decent music collection you’ll be able to listen to these songs which is just as effective a technique as including the audio CD, I think.

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