The Beatles Remastered Stereo LP Box Set

I’m a huge Beatles fan and I yes I’m one of those folks that likes to listen to vinyl LPs from time to time so I’m pretty excited that The Beatles Stereo LP Box Set is finally coming out (on November 13th.)

Not only is this awesome because it’s the first time these new remasters are going to be on vinyl 16 audiophile 180 gram LPs) but it’s actually the first time that most of The Beatles albums will be available to buy new on LP for a long time (only Abbey Road has been available to buy new… and it was actually the top selling vinyl LP of 2011!)

Basically this is the vinyl version of the Remastered Stereo CD Box Set that came out back on 9/9/9. (I can’t believe it’s been more than three years already.) It includes 16 audiophile 180 gram LPs all together.

That’s 13 original Beatles albums and the Past Masters double album set of non-album tracks (for the most part that means songs on singles that were never included on their albums.) 13 + 2 = 15? Yes, you’re right! But of course one of those Beatles albums was a double album (1968’s The Beatles aka “The White Album”) so there’s the 16th LP.

If you dig The Beatles and you dig vinyl you may want to make your order quick because they say they are only making 50,000 copies of this box set worldwide. That doesn’t seem like very many.

Click Here to order this Box Set on Amazon.

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  1. So what’s this have to do with recording music? Well nothing much directly obviously, but I do think the most important skill you can develop when it comes to music is listening and I think The Beatles music is pretty much required listening. You can learn a lot from the music you listen to, if you really listen closely.

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